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Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of abdominal massage that you can perform on yourself in order to optimize organ function, improve lymph flow, boost immunity and aid digestion.  You will leave with enough skill to incorporate it into your self-care routine. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and any props you require for lying on your back.

2 hours    $30

none scheduled

Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health  You can take control of your bladder and improve overall health, but Kegels are not enough. Come learn common myths in dealing with bladder & pelvic floor issues, learn how to maintain a healthy bladder, and find out about bladder re-training. The first part of class will be lecture and discussion.  The second part of class will be an exercise program you can do at home. This class was borne of personal experience and years of research. While my focus is on incontinence, this class is appropriate for and will benefit greatly those struggling with or wanting to prevent anal leaking, pelvic pain, prolapse or prostatitis.              

This is not your mama's Kegel class!

3 hours    $65/participant, includes a therapy band     pre-registration required

none scheduled

Qi-gong Meditation Series is a method of moving energies through our bodies and cultivating awareness for the purpose of promoting health and vitality.  Energize, awaken, and revitalize yourself with the Inner Smile to your organs.  Cultivate, refine, and balance your energies with the microcosmic orbit.  You will learn a complete practice that can take you deep.

1 ½  hours  series of 4 classes    $45    

none scheduled

Core & Pelvic Floor Workout

This class was developed to use movement as a way of promoting neuro-muscular coordination between the large muscles of the thighs and buttocks and those of the pelvic floor. Those struggling with urinary or anal leaking (incontinence), prolapse, pelvic pain, sacro-iliac pain, sciatica, prostatitis, brain trauma, or post-partum recovery will benefit most.

We also work on balance and proprioception, as these mirror the condition of the pelvic floor. This is a rather Yin class--slow, quiet, meditative, paying close attention. You need not have attended my Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health class to come to this class. Everyone welcome. No sign up necessary; walk-ins only.

not scheduled

Eating, Food & Gastronomy (EFG) Series was designed for people who are looking for a structured program for changing their diets. Based on the latest research and the oldest wisdom, each class includes handouts, resources, taste-testing and group support.  Class participants will have access to an interactive website to keep them engaged, supported and on track. We’ll explore the ways in which we self-medicate with food, causing chemical imbalances that continue the spiral of overeating. We'll also review the stages in changing habits and how that informs our food choices. The focus here is as much about adding items into the diet as it is about removing items from the diet; it is about health and enjoyment and never about deprivation.

2 hours  series of 6 classes    $120

none scheduled

Infant Massage Series   It’s a baby & new parent event as you learn basic infant massage techniques and how to read infant behavioral cues. The class includes video, demonstration and plenty of hands-on practice. If you don’t have a baby to bring, I have dolls with which you can practice.

1 ½ hours  series of 3 classes   $50/(baby & 2 caretakers)

none scheduled