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Spice it up

An interesting spice combo I've been using:  cumin, tumeric & a touch of cinnamon. Some friends have suggested adding cayenne, which I definitely intend to try. Either way, it's an anti-inflammatory spice-fest.


Snacks:  popcorn

A couple years ago "flavoured popcorn" was very popular. It can be a great way to add nutrition to your snacking at home:

*add nutritional yeast for a boost of B12. Watch your urine the next day for the results (deep yellow)

*add black or red peppercorn, cardamon, curry or tumeric for systemic anti-inflammatory properties



Culinary herbs that act against systemic inflammation

Many chronic health conditions have been identified as systemic inflammatory processes affected by increased stress levels, sedentary lifestyles and poor diets. Using herbs in meal preparation is one way to hedge against, and treat, systemic inflammation.

My favorites are cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, ginger, pepper, tumeric and cumin. You can get creative. I add cinnamon or nutmeg to my coffee and tea. I keep two pepper mills on hand--one for black peppercorns and one for a mix of black, green, pink and white peppercorns. Tumeric is a nice choice because it has a pretty color but adds little in the way of flavour unless used in huge amounts. One can add it liberally to just about anything without changing the flavour much. Cumin has a distinct flavour, and some people don't like it, so one should try it before commiting.

Tumeric, in particular, has received a lot of attention of late. Much research has been underway in studying its effects on preventing and treating arthritis, Alzheimer's and cancer, and without side effects. Here is Dr. Weil's recipe for Tumeric Tea.